Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost time!!!

Can you even believe Christmas is only 4 days away??  I'm pretty excited!  Of course I had my shopping done two weeks ago and my wrapping finished last week...yes, I am an overachiever! haha :)
I believe we have wrapped up all of our Grimes Girls shows for this year, and boy what a year it has been!  Nat is enjoying her Christmas break from school and I get a 5 day weekend this week!  I'm hoping for a white Christmas, but not too white! I still have to make Christmas candy and Nat and I have to get ready for a little party at our house, which will probably turn into a jam session (of course).

We should remember the true meaning of Christmas though.  Jesus' birth and the reason for His save us all from our sins by dying on the cross as the only perfect sacrifice for us.  Let us all remember this as we go about our busy ways.  Let's be a blessing to others in this joyful (and slightly stressful) time of year. 

Well, I should get back to being busy :) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Kat Grimes

Friday, December 11, 2009


Once again I am amazed at Indiana weather.  The wind has been crazy here lately and it is just freezing.  I took my dog for a walk yesterday.......for some reason....... I was out maybe 15mins. and when I came in my cheeks were bright red!! The cold hurts already and winter has just gotten here!
My dog is very funny.  He is very spoiled at times.  Yesterday we put him in the garage because it was so cold outside. You would think he would have been grateful, but no, he had to sit in there and whine because he wanted into the house.  Oh well, he knows mom will let him in if he makes a big enough fuss........just like a two year old! :)  I am very excited about Christmas break. I am ready for a couple weeks of NO SCHOOL!!! Finals are next week and I am NOT looking forward to them.  Oh well, the sooner they are done the sooner I am out of school.  Stay warm out there and be safe!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gigs and weather

Well the show that Noah and I did at the airport went very well.  The weather held nicely and people seemed to enjoy it.  I have to say, though, that my favorite part about playing at the airport was the airport itself.  I have been in the new Indianapolis International Airport several times and each time I am fascinated with the same section. Those of you who have been in the airport ( and know me well :) ) are going to know exactly what part I am talking about, for those of you who haven't been are going to laugh. :)  My favorite part, is the part with the moving sidewalks and the light up circles that play music on the ceiling!!  I could be happy with just riding up and down the sidewalks all day and looking up at the circles.  I know, I know, it doesn't take much to entertain me, but they really are neat. ( People who know me will testify that I can, at times, be a little........ditsy.)  I think Noah got a kick out of seeing me almost fall flat on my face when the sidewalk ended because I was still looking up.........obviously I didn't pay attention to the little animated voice that says, "Please watch your step. The moving sidewalk is about to end." Oh, well I will learn with time. :)
    The next item of business I am going to address is the show we are going to have tonight.......or are hoping to have tonight! So far the weather has not been very nice to us.  We are really looking forward to playing at Chapel Rock tonight for their ladies Christmas tea........that is if the weather holds.  Let me tell you I am NOT a cold weather person.  People always ask me why, so i will tell you!! On Monday it took me 2 and a half HOURS to get to school and I live 15mins. away!!! That, ladies and gentlemen is why I don't like ice and snow.  It is very pretty to look at ,I know, but I wish it would come for a week every year and leave after that. :)  Well, I need to go study for a Spanish final......not everything is fun and games here. Keep checking in for updates on Christmas activities and New Years plans! Have a great freezing cold day! :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December already!

Woah! Can you even believe it's December already?? Don't forget to go see Nat perform at the Indianapolis International Airport on the 5th at 2pm!  If you want to see more about it, visit the airports' website . 

Well, we just got back from a great trip to Kansas where we celebrated Thanksgiving with the family and our Grandma's 75th birthday! Super time! Of course, we played music too at Calvary Bible Church in Bonnor Springs...Grandpa's church and the church our dad grew up in :)  It brought back bitter sweet memories singing "In the Garden", our late Grandma's favorite song.  I remember singing that song with the whole family when I was about 8 years old at that very same church...time passes so fast. 

It was such a great trip!  Grandpa told us some new stories that we hadn't heard about his time serving in WWII as a Navy Seabee.  He showed us his old uniforms and I tried his blues on! They fit pretty good haha :) He was my age when he joined. 

Of course we ate lots of turkey, too.  Oh and since I'm an avid shopper, I got up at 5am on Black Friday and hit the stores! Fun, fun :) Somehow, I couldn't get Nat (who dislikes shopping) excited about going with me!! Overall, it was a great trip and we had a fun time sharing our music in yet another state :D  God bless ya'll and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too :)

Kat Grimes

P.S. Go see Nat on the 5th!!! :)