Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long Time No Talk

So sorry it has been so long since we have posted but with Nat graduating and all, it has been very busy here.  Nat is excited to be able to officially say that she is no longer in High School!! :) 

We have had several gigs since the last time we posted all of which were very enjoyable and successful.  The one we want to talk about now, though, is the show we have coming up this Saturday, July 3rd.  It is a benefit concert held at Lean On Lodge.  We are very excited about it because we do a few benefits each year and this is a brand new one for us.  This specific benefit is targeted towards people who have struggled or are struggling with cancer. 

Music starts at 5pm. There will be several groups playing and we will be one of them.  For more info visit their website at www.leanonlodge.com .  Hope to see you all there..........and if you can't make it to this gig stay tuned for another chance to see us soon. At a really cool venue too!! :)

Thanks for reading and feel free to post any time! :)

The Grimes Girls